Swinger's Party     - Company Message
Femme Fantaisie Swinger's

Femme Fantaisie Swinger’s Party is discreet, fun & privately run parties.

1. We don’t allow any explicit photos to taken during the night. Privacy & discretion are extremely important in making these parties a success . So all phones MUST be locked away during the night!
2. Condoms & Lube will be provided at these parties, safe sex is a must  whilst at play.
3. Please be respectful of each individual’s limitations & boundaries, "NO MEANS NO". So ask before you touch! You are in total control of what/whom you wish to do during the night!
4.Couples who arrive together must depart the party together.
5. Consumption of drugs or excessive alcohol will not be tolerated at this party.
6. All New bookings for Femme Fantaisie Swingers Party must be made via the phone. Text messages or emails, isn't accpected form of booking.
7. An entry charge applies to attend Femme Fantaisie Swingers Party.
Entry Fee to the parties doesn't not guarantee you sex on the night. There is "NO REFUNDS".
8. All Guests can dress down on arrival or later. Guests MUST be down by 10:30pm. Choose your most sexiest lingerie or attire.
9. Loud or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Respect to be given in & out of the play areas.
10. We have a no closed door policies, doors must be open at all times. For you security & enjoyment of the party.

11. Just remember the more you socialise with other guests, the chances are you will increase of a more enjoyable night.

12. Leave the venue in a in a respectful manner.