Swinger's Party     - Company Message

We run Saturday Fortnightly parties for Couples & Ladies.

Saturday Night Party Dates 2018.

Dec 8th, 15th & 31st (NYE PARTY)

Saturday Night Party Dates 2019.

Jan 5th, 19th          Feb 2nd, 16th       March 2nd, 16th, 31st
April 13th, 27th      May 4th,18th        June 1st 15th, 29th
July 13th, 27th       Aug 3rd, 17th, 31st    Sept 14th, 28th
Oct 12th, 26th        Nov 2nd, 16th, 30th   Dec 7th, 14th & 31st New Year's Eve.

We also cater for private parties too. Wanting to be the "Star" of your Own Swingers Party. Or thinking of having a Birthday Party with a difference. Just contact, Leanne for further details about having your own special party.
Time:  Saturday Night   9.30pm ends late.

The Saturday night parties, the guests to arrive no later than 11pm. Unless otherwise arranged.

Just you don't miss out on meeting all the guests at the parties. As well as getting as much fun out of the night, as you can.

Bookings:Call 0423635776 calls to be made between 9am to 9pm. All  NEW bookings MUST be made via the phone. Not via emails or text message, will bookings be taken.
Location:  Will be texted to you, on the day of the event.
Venue:  We are located in the Western Suburbs 
Cost:  Saturday Night Party:  Couples $50 & Ladies FREE